We are team Soulistic. Our goal is to widespread knowledge that creates value in human life.

We are a very enthusiastic and hard-working team with a good mix of teachers, professors and entrepreneurs from different parts of India. Since 2013, we are helping 10, +2 and undergrad students with their regular academic curriculum. We are really proud of the fact that we have contributed to the educational journey of thousands of students from Kolkata and especially the sub-urbans to have access to high quality instructors and resources for their regular school/college curriculum. While we continue to do the same, we are also working on a very ambitious project to create a digitized eco-system where students, irrespective of their social status and financial background, will be able to get knowledge and right information from the most successful people of every fields; that will help them to take informed decision about higher studies and carrier options. We can’t wait to make it live for the students community across India by early to mid 2023. We will publish more details about the leadership and team as we go live with the new project.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”